Aschhe Abar Shabor movie review: Third time is not always the charm

Aschhe Abar Shabor movie review: Third time is not always the charm

Aschhe Abar Shabor is a sequel to 2016 film Eagoler Chokh which makes it the third installment in Goenda Shabor film series. Aschhe Abar Shabor again deals with multiple murders that happened in and around Kolkata and ACP Shabor Dasgupta played by Saswata Chatterjee is hired to find the killer/killers accused. Stardom of Saswata is really exploited in this film and he has been portrayed more heroic than he can handle. Saswata is a big star in Bengali cinema but his demeanor is not that of Salman Khan that a director should cut a shot twice to specifically see him wearing glasses.

Plot structure of the film is filled with cliches of the murder mystery neo noir and absolutely no effort has been put in the screenplay of the film to make it more engaging. After half the plot is unveiled of the film, the viewer is taken back to the start of the story to figure out a clue which was so obvious to everyone already. Plot twists in the film are not surprising and black magic use in the narrative to divert it from the actual theme is nothing short of cinematic criminal activity.

It is like a unwritten rule that every Bengali thriller genre film have to showcase some or the other aspect of black magic whether or not it adds value to the core narration of the story. Saswata, who was last seen in Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos has delivered a very caricature performance in this film of a though guy policeman who is close to superhuman and can arrest people right off the bat without actual proofs thinking that life is a game of his instincts. These cop has been seen a million films around the world which makes the character very one dimensional and audience would not have a good time watching this film in the cinema hall.

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