Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya is turning eyeballs in the name of Mahatma Gandhi

Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya is turning eyeballs in the name of Mahatma Gandhi

Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya has already released in the cinema theaters and opened to nearly no response initially but over a period of time it gained a few eyeballs due to the clarity of content in the film about Gandhi and his motivations during the struggle of India’s Independence. Film also takes the perspective of Nathuram Godse into account and how he murdered Gandhi with 2 bullets but the intention of the film paints a larger picture in context of Gandhi’s death in current ideology of the nation.

Metaphorically the film wants to say that two bullets were not enough to kill Gandhi and people of this great nation killed him by not following his ideology of non-violence and instead doing the exact opposite thing which has hurt the sentiments of citizens over a period of time in a negative way. It could be said that Gandhi was the most influential personality in the world at one point in time and he is massively respected while being studied upon by scholars worldwide who have conducted massive researches on him to break the myth behind the man who is called Father of the Nation.

If it was not for Gandhi India would have suffered a lot more under the colonization of British India because the Britain has lost a great deal against the Germans in the war and was looking to incorporate all the loses of money and soldiers from India but Gandhi and a few others saved a nation on 15 August, 1947. Film talks a great deal about the oppression Indians had to bear for 200 tears and how it got ended with the second biggest massacre in the history of this world. Partition of India and Pakistan is an injury which was still not healed between two nations and they have fought three wars since than resulting in the death of countless soldiers.

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