Khido Khudi trailer released, Rohiy Jugraj’s movie to be released on April 20 2018

Khido Khudi trailer released, Rohiy Jugraj’s movie to be released on April 20 2018

The trailer for Punjabi language movie, Khido Khud, starring Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar and Manav Vi along with many others,  has been released and it looks like another powerful, hockey based story. Rohit Jugraj, who also directed Jatt James Bond, Sardaarji and Sardaarji 2 has made the movie, and it looks like something that is going to be liked by a lot of people. The movie also has the story angle of an injured player who has to help his team win from the English team, which is very exciting and will really be enjoyed by many people. There are also many other characters in the story, along with an evil English coach who challenges the Indian team and tries to insult them as well. The movie shares its story DNA strand with the classics like Lagaan.

It is going to be released on April 20 2018, and if the trailer is any indication, it surely is going to be very popular among the audiences who like sports movies. This could even be a break out, and be seen by audiences from different states if the story and direction are strong enough because people like sports movies with a winning and rebellious streak in them.

The trailer has gotten a positive reaction on twitter, who have liked the passionate performance promos and the dialogues. They have also liked the look of the movie, so its possible that the movie could be appreciated when its released in a month by people from different regions in the nation.


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