Game Night movie review: Darkest black comedy

Game Night movie review: Darkest black comedy

Game Night takes the ridicule of black comedy onto a whole different level where someone where someone is dying every third second and the film becomes boring. Not all films have the quality of being self aware and this one is at the bottom of the list which sometimes help in creating comedy but there is a thin line that one should be cautious of. Problem is that the film already thinks that it is super funny, which means anything that happens in it can not-not be funny, it’s like Jim Carrey gone wrong.

Plot of the film is about bunch of adults who meet up and play a game during one particular night where the bizarre things are suppose to happen and they would not know if it’s real or the game is being played. For instance they might walk up to a dead body but the person will suddenly get up or if someone is getting beaten to a pulp than no one would help him because it is believed to be a part of the game. Due to this game, film sets itself in a world where nobody cares and possibility of things going wrong are infinite.

People shoot their closed ones by mistake and than don’t really mind it. It is certainly a promising set up for a comedy film of big budget but makers had to take care of timely giving moments in the film instead of jamming all the laughs in the world in two hours. Screenplay of the film stays one step ahead of the audience like it happens in a suspense film, which this one is but a comedy needs to put audience in the front seat so they also get the joy of anticipating a laugh rather wait for some element of surprise which may or may not be funny. Overall this one is a decent one time watch.

Game Night movie review

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