Peter Rabbit movie review: Another bad animation film, just annoying!

Peter Rabbit movie review: Another bad animation film, just annoying!

Sony Pictures Animations have come up with their latest catastrophe by the name of Peter Rabbit. This film is so routine that one can’t just help himself hating it completely against the general non-likeness. This film offers absolutely nothing in terms of visuals, plot or narrative instead tries to cash in on the little kids with it’s cuteness, which by the way is literally the worst way of making or selling a film. Kids are just adults who are less in age and since they are in their formative years they deserve a lot better cinema oriented for them than this.

Plot of the film is rather unbelievable as a woman lives in a house with a bunch of rabbits who have like there own secret society because they can speak and tackle complex engineering in a jiffy. Rabbits are having the nicest time of their lives till an actual human neighbor boy shows who can’t stand animals and he is actually the sane character in this film. Since a grown man considers Rabbits wild animals he tries to make sure that they don’t stand in that house and for that he decides to woo the girl who owns them.

The classic Tom and Jerry act of partially incomplete missions of hurting each other is as a matter of fact the highest selling point in the narrative. Every second of this one is wildly dull is that one would thank the almighty of not having to see this as a child otherwise the therapeutic fees would be a whole lot more. This film is made for absolutely no one and it would be a real surprise if the director or any of the actors have themselves taken the pain of watching this plain white sheet of a film. Overall this one should be totally avoided at the cinemas and never to be spoken of.

Peter Rabbit movie review

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