Kee movie review: Insensitive treatment of a psychological thriller

Kee movie review: Insensitive treatment of a psychological thriller

Makers of the film had the audacity to say that the game being played in their film which is so clearly inspired from blue whale is actually worse than it. Makers did not even want to give the enough credit to the game which has caused the story of their film and they rather want to stay above it. Blue whale is a very sensitive topic as hundreds of vulnerable people who are psychologically tensed have lost their lives in to it but makers of Kee wanted to create a Tamil hoola-hoop movie around it.

Instead of focusing on the importance of this game and how broad this issue is they have taken a hero who is dumb enough to play the mastermind in this story and have focused on him being a pervert/stud in college. 70% of the film has absolutely no relevance to the main plot of it but bikini scenes and songs are installed to show how ridiculous a film maker can be who does not even deserve to watch films what soever. This is by far the worst psychological thriller in the history of world cinema.

There are good films than there are bad films post that lies 50 feet of dirt and than this film exists. The way they think that a game like blue whale is operated is basically the worst imagination of an adle-minded person who has mostly lived his life under a space rock. The insensitivity towards the subject is remarkable and annoying beyond words. No one involved int his film is even qualified to pick a plot other than re0incarnation of brothers to revenge from their step father or something because that’s the only thing they might understand. One hopes that absolutely no person from this world watches this film because the message they are sending out of this game is more lethal than the game itself.

Kee movie review

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