Diya movie review: A perfectly realized thriller

Diya movie review: A perfectly realized thriller

Diya directed by Vijay and starring Sai Pallavi, Naga Shourya and RJ Balaji among others is thriller, a supernatural mystery, a drama about a dead child and a procedural movie. It is perfectly realized to make the audiences lean out of their seats, then clench the arm rests as another peel from the narrative is revealed. There is dead girl who haunts the frames of the movie, and a shameful crime that is committed by the leads. Everything comes together in the end with a shocking twist, while bodies begin to drop as the movie progresses to its haunting ending. The story is ridiculous, of course, since all supernatural movies ask for a suspension of belief, Diya is no stranger to some things that might seem impossible, but if the audience decides to let go the bounds of logic, they’re going to love being scared by the movie.

Sai Pallavi is another reason that the movie is successful, since she makes her character as elusive as the script demands, which means that even though we follow her journey, we’re never clear as to what she did to deserve this evil. There is also the theme of motherhood and abortion that runs through the movie, tied with the girl who comes and goes.

All of this could’ve gone very wrong, but Vijay maintains almost perfect balance to tones, delivering a startling climax that will leave many teary eyed and shocked.

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