Dhwaja movie review: A robust drama with star powerful performances

Dhwaja movie review: A robust drama with star powerful performances

Dhwaja, directed by Ashok Cashyap and starring Ravi Gowda, Priyamani, and TN Seethram is a violent and unexpectedly potent political thriller that is filled with star performances that deepen the movie. There are some narrative pot holes, in the story and slow motion is used perhaps too many times, and characters don’t ever lighten up, only do in songs and some other points in the movie, but still Dhwaja is a powerful story, told well by the director. The movie is beautifully shot, and should be watched on the big screen. Some scenes are brilliantly choreographed. Special mention to all the times there is a crowd, and the director shoots the scenes without much clutter and cutting.

The story of two brother who Dhwaja and Janardhan is perfectly realized by the actors, Ravi, TN Seethram, and Priyamani. The actors inhabit their roles in a way that we forget some of the more clunky use of narrative twists in the second part of the movie.

Ravi is charismatic, while Priyamani makes a character who might have been a cardboard cut out of nothing but clichés and teases depth, even though there is not much there. The story, apart from the chunkiness, works because all other elements are in perfect harmony, creating a coherent work, that is a must watch for cinema lovers.

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