Hebbet Ramakka movie review: A relevant story with a powerful performance by Tara

Hebbet Ramakka movie review: A relevant story with a powerful performance by Tara

Hebbet Ramakka, directed by N.R Nanjunde Gowda and starring Tara, Devraj and Humanthe Gowda among others is a politically astute and relevant story about the price of equality for women, their rights and how they’re used for the gains of others. The movie concerns an illiterate woman named Ramakka, who wins an district council election after being forced into standing by her husband. She becomes successful and shows much confidence and potential, her husband begins to interfere with her work, imposing himself in her decisions. It becomes clear that even though she won the elections, she still answers to her husband.

This is the story of many women across India, who are still repressed by their husbands and their achievements are not acknowledged by them because the men around them have to use them for their own gains.

Tara, who plays Ramaka, gives a tour de force, a dramatic performance that is neither loud not too understated. She is pitch perfect in the role of a woman who is able to make her decisions, and who, even though she is not educated by the higher authorities and colleges, knows how to take difficult decisions. Her story is interesting because it makes her husband a contrast to her feelings, and whichin other movies could have turned into a black and white fight between an innocent woman and his cruel husband. But the movie is more perspective than that, which makes it must watch for people who want to see something thought provoking and potent.

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