Daddy’s Daughter movie review: A heartouching tale of a girl

Daddy’s Daughter movie review: A heartouching tale of a girl

Daddy’s Daughter, directed by Abhimanyu Chauhan and starring Farheen Khan, Mithilesh Chaturvedi and Garima Rastongi among others. It is a heart touching story of a girl and an examination, or an attempt to study the misogyny that girls have to face in the society and even among their own family. The movie might not present a nuanced portrait of the society, and its micro-budget really strains at times, but there is no denying the effort and sincerity with which the movie has been made. The movie is also about the a girls attempts to get out of the influence of the gang that she got into without thinking properly.

The movie asks all the right questions, but it doesn’t always explore them in too much depth, going instead for cliches. Granted, such people with their broad behavior lend others the inspiration for the interpretation, but there’s too much of the same thing in all the negative characters which begins to grate after a while.

But the performances from everyone are what makes the movie work as much as it does. Yes, there is a hit of being amateurs in the cast, but  Farheen Khan as the protagonist is very impact-ful in her scenes, the way she says that her father used to love her once is so honest and stripped of any mannerisms of acting classes that it is heartbreaking in its frankness. Other members of the cast, from Mithilesh Chaturvedi is very good in his role and Garima Rastongi is also strong. Don’t go into Daddy’s daughter if you want to see great cinema, but see it because it will make you think about yourself, your behavior and the little girls around you.

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