Juvva movie review: An enjoyable Masala film

Juvva movie review: An enjoyable Masala film

Juvva, directed by  Triekoti Peta and starring Ranjith, Palak Lalwan and others is a Masala film, and all the better for it. It doesnt demand your intelligence for two hours, neither does it insult the IQs of the audiences. It is what it is, nothing less and nothing more. The actors are committed, the director stages the action scenes very well and the songs are lovely too. So, there’s not much in the movie to think about, but its purely enjoyable for its length. The story isn’t that inventive and follows the main lead as he tries to get the girl he loves, free from the clutches of an evil man.

Ranjith is perfectly suited for the role, and his charisma and intensity propel the movie into a higher form of entertainments where the star just keeps the engine of the story going on, even as there isn’t much meat to the plot. Palak Lalwan, who is more often put into the damsel in distress trope, still shines in her scenes because she is talented enough, and never overdoes her character’s tics.

Triekoti Peta knows how to stage action, even though he does go overboard with some of the bits where its impossible not  to think that the scenes were done either by a stunt man or CGI. Still, there is only one reason to watch this movie and that is enough; Entertainment.

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