Aamhi Doghi movie review: A wonderful story of female friendship

Aamhi Doghi movie review: A wonderful story of female friendship

Aamhi Doghi, directed by Pratima Joshi, and stars Mukta Barve and Priya Bapat, and is the directorial debut of Joshi. The movie is about the friendship that blossoms between the two women and find happiness in the presence of each other. What makes the movie more worthy of an audience than the usual feminist message that it relays is that most of the story isn’t concerned with trying to shove it down people’s throat and regards the story and drama of characters more than it. It also benefits from a very talented cast that, who give their all to the characters, never coming out as forced or plastic.

The two leading ladies, Mukta Barve and Priya Bapat are considerably talented, and get to showcase their acting chops in many scenes across the length of the movie. They’re so honest in their portrayal of these women that they actually become them, never coming off as strained or dishonest in their scenes. The movie works because their bond is beautifully complex and meaningful.

Pratima, in her debut, knows exactly how to direct her actors, and is even more confident on her framing and other cinematographic issues. It never seems that the movie is being made by someone for the first time. The male characters in the movie are a tad underdeveloped and do feel like cliches, but again, good performances saves them from being too broad. This is a must watch.

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