Bigg Boss 11: Fans crowd Inorbit Mall, Vashi to get a look at their favorite contestants

Bigg Boss 11: Fans crowd Inorbit Mall, Vashi to get a look at their favorite contestants

Bigg Boss has created a new task of eliminating one of the four contestants from the house and to keep the audience excited toward the end of the show. Today, Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Luv will be leaving the house for a few hours and traveling to Inorbit Mall, Vashi at 5:30 PM to take part in the task. The shooting for the episode and the task itself will start from 8:30 PM. No one will be allowed inside the Mall once the task commences, so the fans are advised to reach the place before the camera’s begin to roll. This will be a chance for the fans to see their favorite contestant before the show is over and to support them in their task.

The four contestants were nominated when they were unable to understand the task, and instead saved Puneesh and Aakash by placing them at positions one and two. This created a power imbalance in the house, as Aakash began to disregard the rules and disrespecting the contestants, especially, Hina and Shilpa because he felt that he is safe for now.

The new task is going to take place in the mall, where the Contestants will have to plead and entertain the crowds, and tell them why they deserve to stay and win the show. There will be a live voting for the crowd inside the mall, then, and the contestant who gets the least amount of votes will be eliminated from the show immediately. Again, the fans who want to see their favoirite contestants should go to the venue now, before they are barred from the Mall because of overcrowding because only then will they be able to save them from getting eliminated from the show. Here are few pictures from the Inorbit Mall, Vashi, where the task is going to take place:


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