BSF avenge martyred soldier, kill ten Pakistani soldiers and destroy mortar posts

BSF avenge martyred soldier, kill ten Pakistani soldiers and destroy mortar posts

The Border Security Force has destroyed two Pakistani mortar posts in Jammu, and reportedly 8 to 10 Pakistani soldiers were gunned down by the forces in the struggle. The assault was performed as a retaliation against the Pakistani forces, that had shot a BSF soldier who was deployed on the forward duty. In response, the BSF forces destroyed Pakistan’s infrastructure, including Solar panels, and weapons. Head Constable RP Hazra, who was fifty year old, had been shot by the Pakistani soldiers, and was severely injured. He was rushed to the hospital but couldn’t be saved in time.

An intruder identified as Anwar was also shot by the BSF. It has been reported that the Pakistani forces have been taking the advantage of fog to stealthily shoot at the Indian soldiers. The visuals that have been released by the site of the struggle show smoke coming out from the area, as the destroyed infrastructure. The struggle between the two forces had been going on for a while, until the BSF avenged the one martyred soldiers by killing ten from the opposing forces.

BSF is now being praised for its actions, as more people chime in, citing the courage of the soldiers in not letting the intruders inside the country. This assault is surely going to affect the relationship between the two countries. The Pakistani forces had violated the ceasefire and had to suffer the consequences in the heavy loses in the gun battle. The BSF has stated that the attack had been unprovoked and at first the Pakistani forces had used small arms, which was later on coupled with mortar shillings. Two of these mortar locations were then found by the BSF forces and destroyed immediately.

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