Eeda movie review: An age old romance with some fine music

Eeda movie review: An age old romance with some fine music

One of the better part of Eeda is despite of being a cliche, it is very realistic in the manner of shooting and presentation. Film hardly has any background score except a few lyrical songs which capture the moments wonderfully but don’t really take the narrative forward. Eeda depends a lot or rather a little too much on the silences and unsaid moments between the lovers, which is not the bad idea except that it was not shot with as much brilliance. Screenplay of the film is at least 40 minutes shorter than the length of the film and hence those 40 minutes of boredom show up in bits all over the film.

Performances in the film are quite real and it does look that actors are not aware there is a camera on them, which is the goal of any film. Few son sequences seemed choreographed with the actions of both the lovers. The equation between those 2 was real and the confrontation scene where they also confess their love to each other is endearing. Film has certain crime dramatic elements in them but the major part of the film belongs to establish the romance.

Certain action portions in the film are shot guerilla style with hand-held camera but still they did not seem messy and were able to create an arc around them. Though there are some dead scenes in the film, it might seem a thing of beauty to some who could invest themselves totally in the characters and their demographics. People belonging from Malayalam speaking region will find that there are less commercial elements in the film and they might find the story as little bit too much of their own, which sometimes beats the point of going to cinema. For anyone who has less as possible idea of Kerala, Cochi’s geography or the language will find the film quite smooth and fascinating.

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