Aabhaasam movie review: Trying too hard to be politically wrong, in India

Aabhaasam movie review: Trying too hard to be politically wrong, in India

Aabhaasam is so in your face with it’s political incorrectness that it just ends up being a bad film on a good issue. Film makers need to understand that it’s not just the cause which will appeal the film to people, content has to work for the eyes and mind for them to eventually take the cause behind it seriously. Black Panther surely got much hype because of the cause but it was also a good film which Aabhaasam so definitely is not. They just constructed one scene after the other to show taboos in this country which is not the hardest thing to do.

India is full of things that are wrong with the society, almost everything is questionable in this country. Every second person seems to be judgemental of other people’s lifestyle. Idea of liberalism never really touched this country and the intellectuals have also been stupid at times when addressing a cause to the public. Writer of this film must have sat with a bunch of newspapers and collected news incidents like transgenders getting bad behavior from people and simply put the situations in contrast. So now they have a seen where a transgender slaps a man in the bus for touching her the wrong way which is alright but would have worked so much better in an entire narrative.

Screenplay of the film does not really exist as the whole film is montage of good 10 minute scenes capturing the ideal situation of a taboo. Craft of the film is worse then a bad student short film and it will be torturous to go through this experience in a movie theater. Thought of the film is not too bad but the ones making something called a film have not really focused on seeing one, or a good one. Overall no one should have this much time to waste and watch this film.

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