Daana Paani movie review; Jimmy Shergill is nuanced in an otherwise flawed film

Daana Paani movie review; Jimmy Shergill is nuanced in an otherwise flawed film

Jimmy Shergill has come into a completely different shape of narrative with this one. He is playing the role of an army officer set in the period era though the film is not about any war. It is a love story about a woman who has waited too long for this man with whom she got hitched as a child through family and later he joined army. It’s a tradition in Punjabi culture that two children swear an oath to live together when they come of age as they are asked by their parents to do so.

Jimmy comes back from his army days to this childhood love of him but now happens to face a lot of troubles from the family. Families somehow are now finding faults in the relation when both of them have finally committed to it. As their vegetarian love is blossoming the villains of customs and times try to rise between them hence giving an epic feel to the film. Director has not try to rise above the situation of conflicts in the film to make it overtly fancy but displayed the household issues in a way that it connects deeply to the heart.

Story of the film is quite simple and not that novel for a Punjabi film but treatment is extremely poetic. It’s more like a slow burn then in your face conflict driven film which makes it all that better. Scope of the film is very basic as there is so much fancy one could have put in this script and Jimmy does not let his superstardom weighs the film down into something it has to be forcibly. Jimmy surrendered to the part and merged into character like water as it could have been considered as his best performance so far. Overall this film should be seen by as much people as it could.

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