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Petrol Diesel Price on 31st August 2018 in Delhi: Check Metro cities Price here

Petrol Diesel Price on 31st August 2018 in Delhi: Check Metro cities Price here
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Petrol Diesel Price Today: The common people are not expected to get any relief from the rising Petrol Diesel Prices. The prices of petrol and diesel have been increased once again. In Delhi, petrol has increased by 22 paise and reached 78 rupees 52 paise and diesel has increased 28 paise and reached 70 rupees and 21 paise per liter. In other major metro cities, the price of petrol in Kolkata was increased by 21 paise and diesel price was 28 paise. Today the city is selling 81 rupees, 44 paise per liter petrol and 73 rupees and 6 paise per liter diesel.  In Mumbai, One-litre Petrol cost is 85 Rupees and 93 paise while the Cost is 74 rupees and 54 paise per litre. 

Petrol Price in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai

August 30, 2018 78.30 81.23 85.72 81.35
August 29, 2018 78.18 81.11 85.60 81.22
August 28, 2018 78.05 80.98 85.47 81.09
August 27, 2018 77.91 80.84 85.33 80.94
August 26, 2018 77.78 80.71 85.20 80.80
August 25, 2018 77.67 80.61 85.09 80.69

The rise in oil prices is due to the rise in crude oil prices and the high excise duty on transport fuel in the country. The price of Brent Crude Oil is currently around $ 76.68 per barrel. Opposition parties are targeting the Modi government over the increase in petrol and diesel prices. Congress says that the government cuts VAT on petrol and diesel prices.

Diesel Price in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai

Month Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Chennai
August 30, 2018 69.93 72.78 74.24 73.88
August 29, 2018 69.75 72.60 74.05 73.69
August 28, 2018 69.61 72.46 73.90 73.54
August 27, 2018 69.46 72.31 73.74 73.38
August 26, 2018 69.32 72.16 73.59 73.23
August 25, 2018 69.18 72.02 73.44 73.08

Petrol Diesel prices have been on the rise since August 16, 2018, after the rupee dipped to its lowest value against the US dollar. State-owned oil firms had in mid-June last year dumped the 15-year practice of revising rates on 1st and 16th of every month in favour of daily price revisions. This is the second consecutive day when prices of petrol and diesel have rise up. Earlier on Thursday, prices of petrol and diesel were also increased. Prior to this, in Delhi on August 28, the price of diesel was at a high level of Rs 69.61 per liter.

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