NSUI alleges Vasundhara Raje for interfering Rajasthan Student Union Election

NSUI alleges Vasundhara Raje for interfering Rajasthan Student Union Election

After the attack over NSUI presidential candidate Ranveer Singhania and the state president of the party Abhimanyu Poonia at Rajasthan State University campus on Wednesday night, the outrages have increased in the state. NSUI on Thursday accused the BJP government of using the press conference to weaken this organization and its office bearers in any way by proving it by attacking them. It also alleged that the university administration was fully working under the pressure of Vasundhara Raje government. State President Poonia said that this student wing of the BJP(ABVP) is not contesting against NSUI, their party CM Vasundhara Raje is fighting against us. By coming from the hostel to the University Gate yesterday, some anti-social elements attacked us and it was proved that at anyhow the type of organization and the organization’s officials should be weakened.

ABVP has termed the entire case of the attack over NSUI candidate and state president as Drama. The organization’s minister Arjun Tiwari has said that the NSUI is not demanding the arresting of the criminals. There is no demand for providing CCTV footage. This raises questions on NSUI’s intentions. Why is NSUI not issuing a medical report? Instead of encroachment why the police station is not being encircled? Tiwari has said that ABVP is going to hand over a memorandum to the Vice-Chancellor on the demand of arrest of the accused.

On the other side, a day before the voting for the student union elections 2018 in Rajasthan, the matter was highlighted after the attack on the NSUI state president and the Presidential candidate of the Rajasthan University in Jaipur on Wednesday night. Following the attack on the University campus, the police has also increased security in view of the tense atmosphere. Gaurav Yadav DCP East said,”Election of Rajasthan University is the biggest election in the state. Efforts are being made to do this peacefully. Each room of the hostels located on the University campus is being searched. So that there is no interference in the election process”.

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