Toronto Shooting, 1 dead and people 14 injured in the attack

Toronto Shooting, 1 dead and people 14 injured in the attack

A disastrous shooting, took the life of a woman, while causing injury to 14 others in Toronto’s Greektown, on Sunday night. The suspect is also dead, however, there has been no clarification as to what led him to commit the shooting. but the police has reported that they’ll be investigating every possible motivation for the crime, including Terrorism. The suspect suffered from a gunshot wound, however, it isn’t clear if he committed suicide or was shot down by the police during the encounter. The victims of the shooting have been sent to trauma center around the city for immediate treatment.

The eyewitnesses have said that they heard gun shots in the street, and a weapon being reloaded repeatedly. The police has asked people to reach out and contact them about any kind of information related to the shooting. A few, chilling short clips of the incident have been uploaded on Twitter, and shows a person clad in black clothes, wearing a black cap, enter in the frame from the side and begin shooting at his targets without any warning.


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