Chandra Grahan,The longest Lunar Eclipse , know date, timings and more

Chandra Grahan,The longest Lunar Eclipse , know date, timings and more
Written by Abhishek Rana

This month, the world is going to observe the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, on July 27th 2018. It is going to be visible around the world, with best views from Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. However, North America is going to be miss the phenomena. A Lunar Eclipse is a phenomena that occurs when Earth comes between Moon and the Sun, thus obscuring Moon in its shadow. And because of this shadow, the surface of the moon appears red, giving it the name of Blood Moon. Lunar Eclipse is known as Chandra Grahan in Indian. Contrary to belief, Lunar Eclipse can be seen by the naked eye, and people won’t have to use a special equipment and/or glasses to watch the moon.

The eclipse is going to begin from 10:44 PM on 27 July and end at 4:58 AM. Lunar Eclipse is also tied strongly to Astrology, and since its a complete immersion not seen before this century, astrologers have pointed out that it could have an extreme effect on people with Gemini Zodiac sign.

There is a belief that the eclipse can effect pregnant women, and its better if they don’t outside their houses. However, experts now claim that children in the womb are not affected by the rays of the eclipse. But, they’ve advised that women should’ve eat items that have been left in the open for a long time because it hastens the growth of bacteria.

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