H-1B Visa proposal of Trump’s administration may affect thousands of Indian workers

H-1B Visa proposal of Trump’s administration may affect thousands of Indian workers

Donald Trump’s administration proposal for H-1B visa could hurt Indians. The proposal circulated in internal memos in the Department of Homeland security, aims to impose new restrictions to prevent abuse and misuse of H-1B visas. The DHS is considering the provision of granting the extension to the people who already have a green card. The proposal includes strengthening the definition of visa-dependent companies in the terms of minimum salary. Also, it restricts people to visit the US for work. As per the earlier reports, the Trump administration has also announced plans to revoke work eligibility for the spouses H-1B visa holders.

As per the reports, the proposal is being considered the extension of President Donald Trump initiative Buy American, Hire American. It will affect thousands of Indian professionals working in the United States. The Trump administration is intending on a proposal which may result in the deportation of a large scale of Indians from the U.S. The proposal that was shared as the memo in the Department of Homeland Security could stop foreign workers potentially from keeping H-1B visas while their green card applications are pending. The move of Trump government would depict that the thousands of Indians who are working in the US in the IT sector will not get their H-1B visas extension as their applications for Green Card is still pending which grants permanent residency to stay.

The Department of Homeland Security is the body which looks after the public security, citizenship and immigration etc. in the US is considering the measures which could stop foreign workers to be away from their H-1B visas. Presently, the authorities can extend H-1B visas for two or three-year terms even if the green card has remained pending. And if this proposal will be implemented then 500,000 to 750,000 Indians holders of H-1B visa could be deported.

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