Haryana, Palwal, man goes on murder spree, kills 6 but apprehended by the police

Haryana, Palwal, man goes on murder spree, kills 6 but apprehended by the police

An ex military man, named Naresh, committed shocking murders of six people in different locations of Palwal, Haryana, late previous night. He went on a murder spree and killed the individuals between 2 am and 4 am. The shocking discovery has shaken the state, as the murders were carried out using an iron rod, but had initially seemed to be unrelated to each other. Naresh was found by the police in Adarsh Colony, Palwal and had been injured by his confrontations with the people. He even attacked the police, but was physically overtaken and sent to the jail. A further identification and interrogation is pending and a red alarm has been raised in the city as the police accumulated more evidence against him.

The police has stated that Naresh is mentally weak, or psycho, and that his victims were selected randomly. Meaning he killed anyone whom he encountered in his way, making the crimes even more shocking.

Naresh first entered a hospital and identified himself as Anjum. He then killed a woman, hid in the toilets. When he came out, Naresh proceeded to kill anyone whom he found on the streets. He murdered four people on the streets in the area between Palwal’s Agra Road and Minar Gate.

Naresh seems to have been in a vulnerable mental state, as he was sent to a hospital in Faridabad. The nation was shocked when the news came to the surface, and the details of Naresh’s crime came to be known to people. A digital footage of the murderer of holding an iron rod was also released which startled many people. On the social media, the news went viral and was met with alarms. More information about the murder will soon be released, as the police proceed with his interrogation and find out the reason of his crimes

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