Assam’s situation gets anxious after NRC found 40% of citizenship as illegal

Assam’s situation gets anxious after NRC found 40% of citizenship as illegal

Assam situation gets edgy after the release of the first draft of National Register of Council. As per the reports, the first draft of the NRC has listed the names of 1.9 crore people in the state as legal, out of total 3.29 crore applicants. Therefore, the Assam people have assembled to the seva Kendra across the state with their documents on Monday to check their names at the many centres. As per the reports, the 40% of the names of the citizens were missing on the first draft of NRC mostly included Muslims. And this draft mobilised massive force across the Assam.

According to the sources, the government has deployed around 85 companies of paramilitary along with the multiple groups of state police in the sensitive areas of the border state after the first draft of NRC was released. On 31st December in midnight, the Registrar of India has published the list of NRC in Assam which is basically used to check the illegal immigration from the neighbouring country like Bangladesh. The NRC is known as the National Register of Citizens which contains the names of Indian citizens. It was prepared in 1951 after the census.

The issue of illegal immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh has now become one of the controversial subjects in the socio-political life of Assam after the release of the first draft of NRC which have not included the names of 1.29 crore people. According to the reports, the first draft has not found the citizenship of almost 40% of Assamese which led to the brittle situation across the Assam.

However, it has also led to the war of words between the BJP and the Congress party. The much-awaited draft has lashed out 32.9 million applicants as illegal Indian citizens. The Assam’s Bharatiya Janta Party president, Rajneet Kumar Dass alleged that the tenure of Congress-led UPA government has made only one percent progress in updating the NRC. And he added that NRC list is published with the efforts of BJP government and All Assam Students Union (AASU).


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