Facebook ID Hack Issue: Secure your Facebook account with two-factor authentication

Facebook ID Hack Issue: Secure your Facebook account with two-factor authentication

2 days ago hackers hacked Facebook’s security and hacked 5 million accounts. After this news where the world is now raising questions about Facebook’s security, there are many users who want to know how they can secure their account. So if you are also among those users who want to secure your account then you can use two-factor authentication. You have to follow some steps for this. Basically, A two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Facebook account and will make it less vulnerable to hacking. Here are the steps you need to take to activate two-factor authentication on your Facebook account.

Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

1) First, log in to your Facebook account. 2)  Go to Settings then. 3) Then go to Security and Log In. 4) After going into Security and Login you will have the option of Change Password, after which you can log in with the help of your profile picture. 5) After this, you can click on Two-Factor Authentication. 6) After this, you will have two modes where you can set up to factor Authentication. 7) The first is text messaging option and the second one is via Google and Duo Mobile.

How to Secure your Facebook Account: Text message option

  1. 1. After clicking the text message option, the code for verification will be done on your registered mobile number.
  2. 2. Enter the code you have received after that code.
  3. 3. After this you will have a confirmation message of Two Factor Authentication.

How to Secure your Facebook Account: Through App

  1. 1. If your phone is not registered and you do not want to use that option, you also have a second option. You need to download the authentication app for this.
  2. 2. Now scan the QR code given on the screen and insert the code.
  3. 3. There will come a new code on your app. Use this code when you ask for the code. After this, your two-factor authentication will be activated.

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