Bazaar Movie Review: Starring Saif Ali Khan And Chitrangda

Bazaar Movie Review: Starring Saif Ali Khan And Chitrangda

The movie BAZAAR directed by Gaurav K. Chawla is a criticism of social structures. The hard hearts of scheming men,who pursue their profit with ruthless disregard for the sufferings of those who they ruin ,contribute much to the pathos in it. Beginning with the lead actor Saif Ali Khan who is playing the role of Shakun Kothari . He is being adviced by his friend to run in this rat race of money and power slowly “Life is a marathon not a hundred meter sprint”to which he retaliates “Nobody remembers the one who runs in the marathon”. This takes the form of a conscious theme around which everything in the story is organized. It is not some abuse of government or social agency that is attacked but the very basic assumptions , the characterstic bourgeoise ideology of industrial India.Then we are introduced to another character Rohan Mehra as Rizwan Ahmed who is employed by this great man ”Shakun Kothari”. Rohan is a self seeking opportunist who would go to any length to make his ends meet .The friends clearly remarked a “clever man”.

It portrays the theme of money as the root of all evils which further promotes corruption of natural sympathy of man for man.Women are portrayed as prostitues who even cross the line to survive in this wretched society.Characters develop according to their own principles and exemplify in very respect the essential individuality of living beings. The trailor encompasses vivaciousness and irresistible truth.Shakun acts not only as the rover but as a signifier for the movie’s phallic logic. Mandira Kothari gives a statement that “pesa bhagwan nahi par pesa bhagwan se kam bhi nahi “The money and God are often asociated with Absoluteness and supermacy.To maintain the status quo it becomes compulsary to equate money with god to direct your lives.And for this they uses guile deception.It is basically a crime fiction with Shakun Kothari as an antagonist “business tycoon”ie representing the evils of society . It is set in the backdrop of stock market with Saif sitting as the boss and Rohan who is ultimately shown to be the hero of this film who says “me yahan set hone nahi settle hone aya hu “.Mandira tells Shakun to take care of his big steps while he casts Rizwan in his cucoon.But what ultimately happens is a suspense.The actions and treatment of women ie adultery, voyuerism exposes the narrow social limitations within which women found themselves.They face fetishization .It presents the basic instict of everyone hoarding for one common goal of a luxurious life which is nothing but a facade to live for.It encourages viewers to reevaluate their stance.

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