Yuvraj Singh turns 36 today, one of the best cricketers in India

Yuvraj Singh turns 36 today, one of the best cricketers in India
Written by Abhishek Rana

Yuvraj Singh has turned 36 years today, and after so many obstacles and failures in life, he is still one of the best known, and prominent cricketers in India, who once made India proud by hitting 6, sixes, that cemented his name in the history of the sport forever. Since then, he has been recognized for his talent, his ability to overcome even the most averse conditions to give a great batting performance. He also become a celebrity, crossing the boundary of just sports, and is liked by many people because of his style and attitude. He was also diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 1, but he battled it and fully recovered quickly.

Recently, he has suffered some set backs in his career; he failed the Yo-Yo test which is taken by sportsmen to find out if they are indeed fit to play the game, and so he haven’t been able to play the recent matches, against Sri Lanka. But, if you know anything about Yuvi, it is that he will always overcome the difficulties in his life and career and prove to people that he is more than worthy of playing the game with the rest of the team.

Yuvi is one of the cricketers who is also an all rounder, and bats with a left hand. He also has had success in bowling too. He is the son Yograj Singh, who was a fast bowler for India, so the sport runs in his blood too. Since joining the team in early 2000s, he has recieved a lot of laurels and recognition from the Indian government for his services to the team. His six sixes against the British cricket team is still one of his greatest achievements and still remains untouched by almost everyone else in the world. Hopefully, Yuvi will make a comeback soon and achieve another milestone.

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