Today, PM Modi has boarded the first seaplane of India. He becomes the first person to travel on seaplane today from the Sabarmati river in the city of Dharoi Dam in Mehsana District. The latest technology and innovations of the government in Gujarat would have the best impact on the second phase of the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017. Also, it will change the scenario of the Gujarat Assembly elections. Finally, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has geared up to travel by seaplane which is the first ever seaplane of India. As per the reports, the newly launched seaplane will take off from the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad.

However, the second phase of the Gujarat Elections 2017 to be conducted on 14th December 2017. And before two days of the second phase election, PM Modi inaugurated India’s first ever seaplane. It is the historifying day for India. Also, this day will push up the votings of the second phase election and will also ensure the victory of BJP. With this innovative and latest technology, today BJP has extended their campaign in different ways. The seaplane is the part of the development model of the BJP that will push up Gujarat elections in favour of the BJP.

The seaplane launched by the government is six seater which can carry up to 1100 kg of weight. While it weighs around 700 kg. As per the reports, the Spicejet is planning to launch 10-14 seaters seaplane in next year. Today is the last day for BJP and Congress to extend their campaign in Gujarat. According to the sources, earlier the police have restricted the BJP and Congress to conduct a rally in Gujarat today, due to security measures. So, the PM Modi has decided to extend BJP last day campaign innovative with the launch of Seaplane. It is the different way of campaigning recorded by BJP in Gujarat.

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