Shikhar Dhawan Slams Shahid Afridi on Twitter over Kashmir Issue

Shikhar Dhawan Slams Shahid Afridi on Twitter over Kashmir Issue

On Kashmir issue, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi’s tweet has been countered by the Indian players is on the cards. Earlier, such players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Kapil Dev have also slammed the former captain of Pakistan. Dhawan has given a reprieve to Afridi on social media by saying,” Pehle khudke desh ki haalat sudharo. Apni soch apne paas rakho. Apne desh ka joh hum kar rahe hai woh acha hi hai aur aage jo karna hai woh humein ache se pata hai. Zyaada dimaag mat lagao.” On Tuesday, former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi tweeted on the Kashmir issue. Let us tell you that last week Indian soldiers had killed 12 terrorists in Kashmir, whom Shahid Afridi tweeted about these terrorists as innocent. Afridi called these 12 terrorists innocent, demanding UN intervention in Kashmir, which is part of India.

Indian cricketers have given strong answers on Afridi’s tweet. In this episode of the accountability of Indian cricketers and former cricketers, Lord Sachin Tendulkar of cricket, too, was upset over Afridi’s statement and fluttered him. Sachin Tendulkar said in response to Afridi’s tweet, “There is no shortage of capable people in our country. Here there are people who can run their country in a right way. In this case, we do not need to learn from any outsider what we should do. ‘

Only Sachin Tendulkar has not reprimanded Afridi’s statement before many other Indian cricketers have lynched him. Indian captain Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and former captain Kapil Dev had pulled the Afridi remark on this remarkable remark. Only Sachin Tendulkar did not turn up on Afridi’s statement, before the statement of Afridi, many other Indian cricketers have lynched him on this statement. During a program in response to Afridi’s comments, former captain Kapil Dev said, “(Afridi) who is that? Why are we giving him importance? Some people do not have to give importance to us at all. ‘

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