CWG 2018: Sanjita Chanu wins Gold by setting a record in Weightlifting

CWG 2018: Sanjita Chanu wins Gold by setting a record in Weightlifting
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Indian Weightlifter Sanjita Chanu took 104 kilograms in her first attempt of clean and jerk and Wins Second Gold medal for Team India. In the finals, she beats PNG’s Loya Dica. In the first attempt, Chanu raised 84 kilograms, and in her second attempt, She took 108 kgs. Sangita lifted a total of 192 (84 snatch+108 clean and Jerk) and seized the first gold medal of Day 2 CWG games 2018. The defending champion, Loa Dika Toua of Papua New Guinea, wins silver with a total lift of 182 (80+102) and bronze went to Canada’s Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet who finished with a combined effort of 181kg (81 in the snatch and 100 in clean & jerk). Sanjita has won the Gold medal in the previous edition of CWG games. Sanjita booked her birth at the 2018 CWG after winning gold in the women’s 53kg category with a total lift of 195kg (85kg in Snatch+110kg Clean and Jerk) at the Commonwealth Senior women’s Weightlifting Championships.

Sanjita took an interest in weightlifting after being inspired by the iconic Indian star N Kunjarani Devi. She created headlines after winning gold at the 2009 senior nationals before seizing bronze at the Asian Weightlifting Championships in 2011. In 2012, she won gold at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships. At the 2014 CWG, at just 20 years of age, Sanjita won gold over Mirabai Chanu with a total lift of 173 kg which was just two kgs short of the Games record.

In the last Commonwealth Games, both gold and silver medals were in the name of India in 48 kg category. At that time, Sanjita Chanu, who was only 20 years, had deserted India’s Meerabai Chanu and named the gold medal. Before going to Australia for her next big tournament, she had said, “I last went home in December last year. My mom only asks me to earn a name and come back. The last Games were important, and this one is too. I haven’t had a good tournament since the 2014 Games. I’ve had a few injuries. So I want to have a good competition once again.”

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