Gujarat Election 2017 Exit Poll Result: Who will win the Game of Gujarat

Gujarat Election 2017 Exit Poll Result: Who will win the Game of Gujarat
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Gujarat Assembly Election’s first exit polls are out now for the 182 seats. As per the reports, BJP will not get less than 100 seats in the Gujarat Assembly elections. There are huge chances for BJP to hold victory in Gujarat Assembly elections. It triggered a lot of conspiracies and slander between the major parties like BJP and Congress. However, the Gujarat Assembly elections are the head to head fight between the BJP and Congress. On one side BJP is fighting for the development and Congress trying to fail the BJP’s agenda. The exit polls of the Gujarat Assembly election shows BJP will hold the victory.

As per the reports, the first exit polls depict that BJP’s president Amit Shah’s claim of winning 150 seats will not be going to be correct. As BJP would not get much more seats than 130 seats. According to our exit polls for the 53 seats in Gujarat, BJP is forward with 34 while Congress got 19 seats. These statistics of the Gujarat Assembly elections says that BJP will win the Gujarat elections. According to several media reports, estimated the BJP to get 120-130 on the basis of their four different models; that means the incumbent party will easily achieve the goal.

Moreover, the election for the 182 seats in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly has aroused a lot of drama and conspiracies in the politics of words. As per the reports, today on the second phase of the elections the total voting out percentage is close to 62.37% while the first phase elections have marked the 68% of voting turnout. However, the fall in voting percentage will have a markable impact on the Gujarat Assembly Elections. And Exit polls declared BJP as the winner of Gujarat Assembly Election with 100 seats. However, the result of the exotic battle will be announced on the counting day on 18th December.

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