Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: 2nd Phase voting turnout close to 62.37%

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: 2nd Phase voting turnout close to 62.37%
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Finally, the Gujarat Assembly elections votings have ended now. As per the reports, the second phase of the elections voter turnout remains around 62.37% while the first phase voting turnout was 68%. However, the report says that voter turnout for the second phase of elections was 47% till afternoon. The Gujarat Assembly Elections are the head to head fight between BJP and Congress. As the BJP paced development agenda while the campaigning in Gujarat whereas Congress have taken the support of Patel’s with the reservation promise. In the wake of this decision, Hardik Patel extended his support to Congress. The votings for the 93 Gujarat Assembly seats that holds the battle between 851 candidates has ended.

Although in the exit polls BJP is leading the most of the constituencies in Gujarat. As per the reports, the BJP will hold victory in Gujarat because of its development model. And the anti-incumbency would not be the factor for BJP to lose elections of Gujarat. However, the constituencies like Mehsana and Dhoraji of Ahmedabad will mark the victory of Congress because this time the PAAS leader Hardik Patel is supporting Congress. Also, his support to the Congress will lead to victory, because if we see the previous election, we will come to know that BJP won major seats in Ahmedabad because of the major support from Hardik Patel.

However, the Gujarat Assembly Elections have turned into the war of words, conspiracy and blame game. The BJP and Congress both are not less than one other. If Congress accelerating their comment over PM Modi as he eats Imported Mushrooms, the BJP is also commenting on the Congress newly elected president Rahul Gandhi. The BJP called Rahul Gandhi an Aurangzeb during the election campaign. And these comments aroused war of words between the party leaders. Although, the votings for the much-awaited elections are now over. The countings of these elections will take place on 18th December 2017.

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