Election Results 2017: Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh vote counting begins at 8 am

Election Results 2017: Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh vote counting begins at 8 am
Written by Pallavi Parmar

The countings for the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections has begun. The much -awaited day for the Himachal and Gujarat state, development is here. It is the most important day for India’s two major political parties such as BJP and Congress. As today the results for the election of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly to be announced. Both the BJP and Congress are confident to flag their victory across the two states elections. If we calculate the past scenarios of BJP-Congress party, then we will come to know that Himachal Pradesh is the state where both the parties had the alternative rule from past 24 years.

Whereas, Gujarat is the state where BJP is ruling for decades. However, the results for the elections of Himachal and Gujarat will announce soon. The battle of Himachal Pradesh has started from the 9th November, when the first and the only one phase of elections have taken place across the state to choose representatives for 68 seats. Although, the elections of Himachal state had not faced any conspiracies and the war of words like Gujarat state.

In Himachal Pradesh, Congress made Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, as their face for the elections. While BJP chose former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Prem Kumar Dhumal to fight with Mr Singh. However, Virbhadra Singh has accused with some corruption charges still he has a stronghold in Himachal Pradesh. These elections are the head to head fight between Congress and the BJP, the most powerful political parties in India.

The election campaign of the Gujarat Assembly pollings has triggered the toxic controversies between the BJP and Congress party. The Gujarat campaign has somehow turned into the war of words and slander. However, this is the most historical election of the year as the BJP is ruling Gujarat since decades; also, the PM Modi belongs to Gujarat whereas this time Congress have built the campaign around GST and demonetisation to attract traders with their criticism over BJP. The election in Gujarat took place on 9th and 14th November. Therefore, today the results for both the states will be announced by the end of the day.

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