Gujarat election result 2017: BJP win assembly polls and 22 year rule legacy continues

Gujarat election result 2017: BJP win assembly polls and 22 year rule legacy continues
Gujarat election results 2017
Total (182/182)


Election results for Gujarat state assembly polls has started to trickle live. Latest trends reveal BJP looking poised towards forming government with 101 seats. Gujarat state assembly elections were held this year, in 2017 with parties vying for 92 seats to prove majority in parliament. Two parties have been furiously campaigning for the establishing strong hold in the state, Congress and BJP are now hoping for domination in the 182 seats. Average voting of 68.4 percent was recorded during the polls. Hardik Patel

Exits polls seem to indicate that BJP is going to claim majority with 115+ seats and showed Congress on the back seat. Politically proving majority in Gujarat was a challenge for Bharatiya Janta Party, not only because of being a BJP stronghold of BJP for 22 years but the fact, it is also a Home state of Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Voracious criticism of Demonetization, Goods and Services Tax by Congress did not work well in polls, as positive result in industry dominated region says a different story.

LIVE Updates : Gujarat Election Results 2017 ( BJP-99 Congress-77 Other-6 | Total-182/182 )

3.23 PM : Modi congratulate and thanks people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for choosing BJP rule

1.38 PM : Sensex tanks up as BJP retains Gujarat

11.34 AM : Vinu Moradiya wins from Katargam in Surat. Katargram was hailed as Patidar stronghold where Hardik Patel held several rallies during poll campaign

11.06 AM : Current Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, BJP leader, wins from west Rajkot. Congress obsession towards a anti-modi campaign seems to have taken a toll. Anti-incumbency factor was against BJP and good tactical play could have benefited congress. Hardik Patel and Alpesh Thakor face overshadowed Rahul Gandhi’s in latest poll campaign.

10.43 AM : Question arises if attempt of polarization by congress through Hardik Patel or Alpesh Thakor backfired or it went in favor ? BJP is leading in OBC cluster of Gujarat, fairing better then congress by 30%. Alpesh Thakor is leading by 4415 votes

10.28 AM : Data released ECI shows 1.9% NOTA recorded, which seems a pretty embarrassing number for democratic parties contesting elections in Gujarat.

10.17 AM : Trends reveal BJP forming government with over 100 seats. However Congress in this election has proved it wont perish without a good fight. Narmada issue infested regions seems to have taken a toll on BJP vote bank. Sensex rebounds and jumps 850 points after latest trends points towards BJP forming government.

10.00 AM : BJP leading in dwarka. BJP leading on 97 seats and looks an ideal candidate for claiming majority in parliament

09.54 AM : Latest poll count reveals, OBC leader Alpesh Thakor leading in vote count. Analysis point towards Alpesh and Hardik patel making a dent in BJP’s vote bank share.

09.41 AM : Congress leading in all 4 seats in Somnath constituency. Allegedly dalit family was assaulted for skinning a cow in Somnath constituency entailing controversy. Recent controversy seems to affect result.

09.33 AM :  Early trends hints BJP set to form government with 96 seats

09.13 AM : Latest trends reveal congress leading with 89 seats and BJP trailing with 76 seats. Sensex crashes after early trends reveal BJP loosing in Gujarat

08.35 AM : BJP minister Vijay Rupani leading, Nitin Patel another Gujarat BJP wing bigwig trailing

08.22 AM : C-Voter reports BJP leading in 35 constituency and Congress in 24 in Gujarat. Congress leading in Saurashtra , trailing in Southern Gujarat. Seems rural voters of saurashtra favoured congress.

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