Solar Eclipse 2018: Things to be taken cared of during the eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2018: Things to be taken cared of during the eclipse
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Solar Eclipse will take place on February 15, 2018. It will not be a total Solar eclipse. On February 15, partial Solar eclipse will be observed. Solar eclipse occurs after eighteen months. During the Solar Eclipse, many harmful rays are emitted by the Sun which is very dangerous for the people. Solar Eclipse is not seen with naked eyes as it can bring permanent damage to the eyes. One must watch the Sun through the Mylar film. These not only protect our eyes but also block the UV rays and act as a filter. The brightness of the Sun is enough to cause damage to the eyes during the eclipse.

When the eclipse starts, it is preferred to do meditation. It is said that energies are highly active during this period and one should do meditation. Pregnant women are strictly not allowed to go out of the house and it is said that the harmful rays of the Sun can distort the shape of the foetus. Women are not allowed to work. Idols of God should not be touched during the Solar eclipse. One should take bath after the eclipse and should then touch the idols of God. This is not only applicable for idols one is also prohibited to touch the Tulsi plant during the eclipse. One must do meditation during the eclipse.

It is highly advised that the pregnant ladies should take rest as during the eclipse the baby needs extra care. Women are not allowed to cook during the period of eclipse. Using of Knifes and sharp objects are highly restricted. The Solar Eclipse occurs for short duration but has many harmful effects on the body. Eclipses are very often witnessed. The partial Solar Eclipse which will occur on February 15 will also have certain harmful effects and one should take care of it.

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