Kolkata Class 2 girl sexual assault case, parents protest outside school

Kolkata Class 2 girl sexual assault case, parents protest outside school
Written by Abhishek Rana

Parents began their protests in front of the premises of the convent school, named Carmel Primary School in Kolkata, where a Class 2 girl had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by a teacher. Police had to come and keep the situation from turning violent as people were furiously protesting, outside the school. The accused teacher has now been detained by the police. The girl who had been assaulted was warned to not tell her parents anything about it, or else the teacher is going to bury her alive. But, the girl, who was scared, told all the matter to her mother, and her parents then reached the school, demanding that the teacher be punished and taken into police custody immediately.

At the premise of the protest, a parent, when asked about the reason of the protest, said that the school had been responsible for minimizing the nature of the assault, which is why they had come here in droves to show their support for the child and denounce the authorities. They also accused the school of not employing the use of camera’s in the premises, and denying that a girl had been assaulted in its building by one of its officials.

The teacher taught dance to the students. There had been an instance of sexual assault on a child by two teachers in private school in Kolkata, which had also outraged the parents, who had demanded that sufficient security and CCTV camera’s be employed in the building to have some idea about the goings on in the school, through which such repugnant crimes can be reported or avoided altogether.

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