Losar Festival : an important festival for Tibetan People

Losar Festival : an important festival for Tibetan People

Losar is the most important festival of Tibetan people and it marks the beginning of New Year. This festival will begin from February 16 and will continue till February 18. This festival is celebrated in different ways. Location and tradition affects the celebration of the festival. This festival is marked with a variety of activities, including the exchanging of gifts, offerings and rituals to ward off evil spirits. Losar is about welcoming the new and saying goodbye to the old. There is hardly any place in India which don’t celebrate festival. Losar Festival is celebrated in parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

King Jamyang Namgyal, on the eve of setting out an expedition against the Balti forces in winter was advised not to lead an expediting before the next year. To solve the problem, keeping the regard of the advice, he preponed the New Year celebrations in Ladakh by two months. It is said that the festival is of 15 days but the major celebration takes place only in 3 days. Humorous event takes place such as the dance of the deer and the amusing battles between the King and his various ministers are highlights of this festival. Losar is regarded as the most interacting festival.

This festival marks the struggle between good and evil. The new year is welcomed with bliss and wealth. Throughout the festival, one is bound to mingling cultural events, rituals that have been followed since ages and also traditional and ancient performances such as dance and folk songs which are totally unique. No fixed dates are there for the festival. Watching this beautiful festival is a life-time experience for people and it is something to look forward to once in a life. On this day, even the people who has been contradicting also talk and celebrate this festival.

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