India Art Fair at NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Okhla to begin today

India Art Fair at NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Okhla to begin today
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

India Art Fair which begins today has brought many promising collection in the past. This was first time started in 2008 by a post-graduated marketing girl named Neha Kirpal. She was the first one to start this and even it was hard to sell the collection. At that time only 30 galleries were established in the Pragati Maidan. This year 70 galleries from all over the world has been displayed. This year it is taking place at NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Okhla today. This year the director has been changed, the new director is Jagdip Jagpal. Today the place will be a dynamic place where art from all over the world is displayed.

Today the fair will meet the interest of people as with Modernists, tribal art and craft, photography, films and conversations. The selected galleries displayed are from across Asia, Europe, South America, the UK and the US. The four-day fair will experience artists from different regions. The fair will see the largest ever participation of non-profit and public institutions such as Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, Floodlight Foundation, BM Anand Foundation, Gujral Foundation, Devi Art Foundation and KHOJ; and international institutions like the Korean Culture Center.

Art work this year will be different from the previous years. The 18 projects include Reena Saini Kallat’s Verso-Recto-Recto-Verso, that refers to the Constitution of India, where the founders hoped to create a nation where justice, liberty, equality and fraternity would prevail. Tanya Goel will present a neel pigment wall drawing outside the VIP lounge, and Photoink will present a never-seen-before print from the Umrao Sher-Gil estate. The modernists will occupy several booths at the fair. Films will also be screened. Children will also make a walk to the fair between the age of 9 years to 14 years.

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