‘Mehbooba’ teaser starring Akash Puri is ambitious yet scrambled

‘Mehbooba’ teaser starring Akash Puri is ambitious yet scrambled

With Mehbooba director Puri Jagannadh is trying to make an epic larger than life love story set against the backdrop of 1971 Indo-Pak war but is he qualified to pull this off. This is an attempt make a Mani Ratnam film which Ratnam does not make anymore though he can with his supreme storytelling skills and exceptional crew though Jagannadh is known for his nonsense masala films and the bad organization of this teaser proves why. Jagannadh has taken some of the best visuals in the world to shoot it pathetically.

Teaser starts with wide shots of mountains trying very desperately to showcase that the film has a budget but totally forgets to establish the characters and plot considering it is a love story. Visual effect shots of air planes firing are just the worst and action camera movement right in the middle of a non action scene is just making use of rented equipments for no reason whatsoever. Towards the end of an already bad teaser somebody thought of putting the high note of a song without properly fading it in and rather just copy pasting it in editing timeline.

Sadness around this teaser is incredible because a good actor would have done something very unique indeed with this kind of plot, locations and budget. Love story is between the characters of Akash Puri and Neha Shetty, faces of whom are hardly even visible in the teaser as they are not mountains or valleys. Puri did not understand that with in all the hoola-hoop of all the grandeur one needs a brilliant story or someone who knows how to shoot in order to make a good film. Puri should stick to his bad films like Paisa Vasool that people go to laugh at and film seem to be self aware though he clearly does not understand that eh is Ram Gopal Varma of truly bad films.

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