Happy Lohri 2018: Party Ideas to add more fun and enjoyment

Happy Lohri 2018: Party Ideas to add more fun and enjoyment
Written by Shilpi Gupta

सुंदर-मुंदरिए-हो…. तेरा कौन विचारा-हो….दुल्ला भट्टी वाला-हो….दुल्ले ने धी व्याई-हो…, Yes we are talking about Lohri. As everyone is aggressively waiting for the January 13 and the day is here among us. Sikhs and Punjabis across the world celebrate Lohri traditionally in their style. Lohri is a harvesting festival which falls on the longest night of the year and is a festival of thanksgiving for farmers for the harvest of Rabi crop which is sown in winter. Punjabis like to do everything king size, so the celebrations of  Lohri are full of colour, music, laughter and great food.

Due to the longest night of the year, people have more time for their party. Everyone is looking for the party ideas to celebrate their Lohri in a different style. Here we have some Party ideas for you to make special your after wedding first celebration of Lohri or your baby’s first Lohri.

Host DJ night

The uber class have their own ideas of celebrating Lohri with loud music and hosting DJ nights is common and evergreen in modern societies.

Organise theme party

A theme party is getting popular these days. At the time of festivals theme parties are organised to attract crowd and for enjoyment and fun

Traditional Party

You can also organise a traditional party with Panjabi style decoration. You can also use Dupatta, Khaat, Hay, bottles and kites for the decoration which will attract everyone.

Organise Bhangra or Gidda

Lohri celebration is incomplete without a Dhol and dance. You can invite bhangra or Gidda performers to entertain the guests during Lohri celebrations. You can also give a modern touch to the celebration by Pop Bhangra dancers that are sure to floor your guests with their moves.

Party Games

Traditionally, Lohri celebrations involve dancing and singing but know to add more entertainment people can add the games, in their celebration. You can plan for the musical chair, antakshni, cards and food eating competition which will add more fun, in your celebrations.

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