Lohri Decoration: Ideas to make party more exciting and warming

Lohri Decoration: Ideas to make party more exciting and warming
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Lohri is one of the most popular festivals in North India. It is celebrated by people of Punjab with great fanfare. In addition to Punjab, this festival is celebrated with enthusiasm in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Many people believe that this festival is celebrated on that day when in winter it is the smallest day of the year and the night is the biggest night of the year. Traditionally, Lohri is a special festival associated with sowing and harvesting.

On this day, People fire the bonfire and gather around Lohadi’s bonfire, singing praises of Dulha Bati, who are folk characters of Punjab. Also, the boys perform Bhangra, while the girls and the women dance the Gidda. People decorate and celebrate the day with their style and enjoy the whole night on Lohri. It is very significant for Punjabi and they celebrate the Lohri festival with lots of fun and dance by organising parties. If you are planning to organise the party or the event on this Lohri, here we have some ideas for you for decoration to attract your guests. 

Balloon Decoration

Nowadays, balloon decoration is more famous for every party. You can decorate the stage and gate of the venue with the balloon. One can use fire look Balloon on the occasion of Lohri Festival as the bonfire is a tradition of this festival.

balloon decoration

Use Lights and flower

Lights and flower is evergreen decorative material, but the latest styles are there to enhance the beauty of your party.

lohri celebration

Give a traditional look

Use Punjabi traditional things like empty alcohol bottles, Haw, bicycle, tractor, Khaat, to give the traditional look to your decoration. All these decorations will surely attract your guest.

traditional lohri decoration

Use dupatta and saries

You can also use the dupatta and saries for the decoration which will give colourful attraction to your decoration. It is the easy and Cheap way of the decoration.

happy lohri

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