Chaitra Navratri 2018 : Fasting benefits during the Navratri

Chaitra Navratri 2018 : Fasting benefits during the Navratri
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Chaitra Navratri will start by March 18 and will finish till March 26. Some people do fasting during the Navratri. These fast have no scientific benefits. These fast benefits the people who have a very religious touch. People keep fast to show their devotion to Goddess Durga. People who keep fast must not get engaged in any of the wrong conversations. People who are observing fast must chant the name of Goddess Durga. He must go to Temple regularly during all the nine days. People must chant the name of Shakti. People must keep drinking water so that the body of the person doesn’t get dehydrated.

During Navratri people who observe fast must wear the colors which are specified to wear on that day. People must chant the name twice a day. People must eat Sattvik food during the fast. This food is less enriched with proteins. People think that by keeping fast for all the nine days make the person weak and after the nine days the person should intake food in the small quantity to avoid getting faint. The person must make the things clear that the body of the person doesn’t lack fluids and make the body weak.

People think that by chanting the name of Goddess one can easily get the things done according to their wish. By fasting, all the negative effects of the person are reduced. By fasting all the effects are reduced and by fasting the sins are removed. All the things that will be done wrong will be removed. Some people just keep fast for two days. During these two days, one can only eat twice. People should finish all the food in one sitting. People must change all the clothes regularly so as to be clean and make the people remove the sins.

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