Raid movie review: Ajay Devgn and Ileana D’Cruz behave realistically in this logical thriller

Raid movie review: Ajay Devgn and Ileana D’Cruz behave realistically in this logical thriller
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Ajay Devgn is back in his territory of realistic issue based thriller which is a genre he fondly nailed working with Prakash Jha back in the day. Devgn has been wandering around the Rohit Shetty genre of films for sometime now but he surely has not lost the touch of his realistic muscle which he can literally put on anytime in the matter of no time and deliver a performance which is worthy of praises. Ajay always has a sense of character arc that he follows through out the film which is why the scenes that appear in the film chronologically give a sense of direction to the emotions and make sure that it is not repeated.

Devgn plays an honest IT officer in the film who has been transferred many times in his career but he sees something going south he can’t ignore it. It does not matter for him as though whose chain is he pulling and however powerful that person might be which is a slight indication of a fearless Hindi film hero which might not be a three dimensional character after all these years of experimentation. His character is more Salim-Javed brand of hero who is not grey at all and would just follow the path of goodness all through out.

After all the raids that he has carried out now he stumbles upon the most gruesome of all in Lucknow when he goes to fish the character played by Saurabh Shukla. Shukla is one of the most notorious man in the area who decides to make Ajay’s job very difficult by extending his invitation to people who rather operate outside the law. Raid is based upon a true incident that happened in 1980’s, which is the actual timeline of the film kept in tact by wonderful direction of Raj Kumar Gupta, who made sure that the film stays very engaging. Ileana in the film was mediocrily good as she was serving the script though Shukla adds nuances which took his performance par intelligence. Overall Raid is a good one time watch at the cinemas this weekend.

Raid movie review

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