Chaitra Navratri 2018: Eighth day of Chaitra Navratri

Chaitra Navratri 2018: Eighth day of Chaitra Navratri

Chaitra Navratri are celebrated with pomp and show in every part of the country. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to nine avatars of Goddess Durga. On the eighth day of Navratri, the eight avatar of Goddess Durga is worshipped. All the nine avatars of Goddess Durga is worshipped on the eighth and the ninth day of Navratri. Each day of Navratri has different colors to wear. Different colors depict different meaning. The Goddess which is worshipped on this day is Mahagauri. She is the eighth avatar of Goddess Durga. She has three eyes and four hands. Her lower right-hand holds a trishul and the upper right hand is in the mudra of allaying fear.

Each day has different rituals to perform. Different rituals are there for each day. On the eighth day, different food is prepared and each day of navratri has different significance. Goddess Mahagauri is the eighth avatar of Goddess Durga. She is offered different things. Flowers and fruits are the main things which are offered to her. All the idols are washed on this day. The house is decorated with Flowers and the Temple is cleaned. It is observed that people who had been keeping fast for all the eight day comes to an end. Some people keep fast till the ninth navratri comes to an end.

It is said that Goddess Shailputri became Goddess Parvati after marrying Lord Shiva who had obtained Lord Shiva as her husband after hard penance. During the days of hard punishment she had turned black and dull. When Lord Shiva got impressed with her love and sacrifice he washed her with pure Ganga water. This turned her white and shine like a pearl. After this reformation, the Goddess was named Mahagauri.

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