Steven Spielberg releases ‘Ready Player One’ IMAX trailer 2

Steven Spielberg releases ‘Ready Player One’ IMAX trailer 2

Steven Spielberg is coming up with his latest directorial venture by the name of ‘Ready Player One’ which is almost a pop culture comic book presented up on the big screen. It looks as though it has survived the plain old formula of an exciting adventure except this time Spielberg is not calling aliens but going into the digital nerves of a computer. They have developed a concept of a place called Oasis, which is a digital world looking through a piece of specs that takes someone into an almost imaginary which is addictive because everything is possible there.

Character who is pretty young sort of designs a world inside the Oasis where batman would show up occasionally because the character likes that. Trailer is quite ambitious to begin with as the budget is massive for this one and so is production. It needs infinite amount of detailing to create a completely new world in visual effects and this one is a little beyond what Spielberg is use to. He has created aliens and ungodly dinosaurs but that’s more or less an enhancement of something to which one has an example of but Oasis is scratched straight out of the born.

Film is based upon the 2011 novel of the same name which served as an inspiration to the world visually when translated from the words. Spielberg has been making serious drama the entire past decade and returning to the territory that he owns because of track record which is adventure. Reviews of the film are in and it’s all praises for the action sequences that nobody still blocks better than Spielberg. To create visual effects is technology but to give a sense of thrill is only in the hands of director and how intelligently those scenes are cut/crafted into the screenplay.

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