Yamuna River crossed Danger Mark in Delhi, reached 204.84 m level

Yamuna River crossed Danger Mark in Delhi, reached 204.84 m level

After the release of water from Haryana’s Hathinikund barrage, Yamuna river is now flowing above the danger mark. After heavy rains in Uttarakhand, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, leaving water from Hathinikund Barrage. These states have received heavy rains in the last few days due to which the water level of rivers has increased. The warning level in the Yamuna is 204 meters and the level of danger mark is 204.83 meters. Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash has convened an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon to deal with the situation. An official of the flood control department said, “Yamuna’s water level was 205.12 meter at 11 am near Delhi Railway Bridge.” He said, “There are signs of rising water level because it is raining in Delhi and water is being released from the barrage every hour.” He said that the water left from Hathinikund barrage takes 72 hours to reach Delhi.

In September, 105% more rains have occurred so far. Usually, 109.3 millimeters of rainfall is considered normal, while on Monday morning 224.8 mm rainfall has been recorded. On the other hand, in September 2018, rainfall in the capital has broken the record of the last eight years. Delhi recorded 224.8 mm rainfall till Monday morning. Earlier, in the month of September 2011, there was 225.2 mm rainfall in the month of September.

After crossing the danger mark of Yamuna, the Delhi government issued an alert on Tuesday. Preparations have been started to take away the people from low-lying areas to safer places. An official said that the Irrigation and Flood Control Department of Delhi Government has prepared 100 people living in low-lying areas to be taken to safer places.

It has been stated in the statement that all the executives/sector officers have been instructed to keep close contact with the control room. Our people are deployed under the Quick Response Team and today the vehicles and three boats were put in service Officials say that it is usually 72 hours for the water left from Hathinikund barrage, which provides drinking water to New Delhi, to reach the city.


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