Google is bringing new updates for Mobile Users, Search Updates and Options will availble soon

Google is bringing new updates for Mobile Users, Search Updates and Options will availble soon

Search engine company Google announced some changes to its feature on Monday, with the aim of using more and more photos, to the extent that they should answer the question before asking your questions. In a program organized in San Francisco, Google Vice President Ben Gomes said that Artificial Meditation (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning are an integral part of the functionality of Google that will give its 20-year mission to gather world information in one place and Will moves forward in every direction. Google’s attention will now focus primarily on mobile and it appears that just like Facebook, Google will give users the chance to see and read interesting things on different topics through photos and videos.

How to trace your Android SmartPhone through Google Maps?

  • In order to find lost Android smartphones with the help of Google Maps, you must first have a mobile, laptop or computer that has internet connectivity. In addition, you must remember the Gmail account’s ID and password.
  • Firstly, type at Google. After this Google Maps will open, here you have to enter the Google ID that was linked to your missing smartphone.
  • After the id sign-in, 3 dots on the right will be visible, click on them. After this, you will see ‘Your timeline‘ option. After choosing your timeline option you will have to enter the year, month and day, the day you want to see the location history.
  • After entering all the information, your location history will start appearing over time.

You can use this feature in Google Maps, which is available on any Android phone. Sign in with the same ID in Google Maps that was linked to your mobile. The way to use this feature in the handset is also the same thing. This feature will work correctly when your mobile and location service are available in it.

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