Shravan month, the fourth month of Indian Calendar

Shravan month, the fourth month of Indian Calendar
Written by Abhishek Rana

Shravan is the fourth month of the Indian Calendar. It usually begins at the end of the month of July as the full moon blooms and ends in the third week of August, on the day of the next full moon. Shravan Mass holds significance for Indian because it brings forth the promise of Monsoon in the South-West regions of the country. People who follow Hindu religion also observe fast in the Shravan month, while also praying to Lost Shiva on Monday’s and Goddess Parvati on Tuesdays. Shravana is also important for people from the Hindu community because it has a lot of festivals.

Krishna Janamasthami is one of the most prominent Hindu Festival, as it is celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It comes on the 8th day of the full moon, and is among the most colorful of festivals across the world, as people hold cultural shows near their homes and children dress up as Krishna, Radha and other gods and goddesses while praying at midnight for his birthday.


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