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Shivraj Govt launches “Kadaknath” App to sell black chicken breed

Shivraj Govt launches “Kadaknath” App to sell black chicken breed
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Many non-vegetarian friends are fond of Kadaknath Chicken. The Kadkanath cock, which is found in Madhya Pradesh, is completely black. There is a lot of protein and less fat. Its meats are also very tasty. Due to the huge demand of Kadak Nath’s chicken, the Shivraj Government will make it available through the app. MP, Co-operative minister, Bhavya Sarang, today launched the Android app in Bhopal. The speciality of this app is that Kadaknath Cock can be ordered anywhere in the country. Information on how much Kadaknath is present in cooperatives of farmers is also available on the app. On the occasion of the launch, Sarang said, “The essential thing in Kadak Nath is that its nutrition and taste If you compare the nutrients, then protein is 25-27% in Kadaknath. The average chicken contains 18 to 20 percent. Fat also decreases. The rest is more fat in the chicken. Eat chicken and fat too will not get much. Cholesterol is even less than the ordinary chicken.

Kadak Nath Chicken is very expensive due to its demand. Its one egg is sold for 50 rupees. The price of chicken is between 900-1000. The hen is between 3000-4000 for raising. “The Kadaknath chicken contains 25-27 percent of protein in parallel with other breeds of chickens that contain only 18 percent protein. The “Kadaknath” breed is also known for its high iron content. The Kadaknath is popular mainly for its malleability, and the good-tasting black meat, which is believed to have some medicinal properties.

The state Co-Operative Minister Sarang Said,”The app would provide a marketing platform to 430 members of 21 societies in Jhabua District and Alirajpur districts and that more societies are being added to this platform. The Kadaknath app, developed by state Co-operative department, and it would be available on Google Play store from today. Madhya Pradesh’s Animal Husbandry department’s Additional Deputy Director Dr Bhagwan Manghnani said that Madhya Pradesh is likely to get the GI tag for the blackbird, mainly reared in Jhabua district.

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