Electricity tariffs rate reduced in Delhi, Fixed charged increased 6.5 times

Electricity tariffs rate reduced in Delhi, Fixed charged increased 6.5 times
Written by Abhishek Lohia

New Delhi: Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has increased the fixation of electricity in the national capital Region of Delhi from 2.5 to 6.5 times as heat started. However, electricity prices have been cut by per unit rate. DERC has increased the fixed rate of electricity from Rs 20 to Rs 125 in 2 kilowatt-loaded households supply. Therefore, electricity users will have to pay a fixed charge from Rs 125 to Rs 250. So far, the minimum electricity charge of Rs 20 was Rs 125, which would now be Rs 125. This is not the first time that the increase in electricity charge charges in Delhi has been increased. Even before this, the fix has been increased several times. At the same time, DERC has talked of giving relief to the general public by cutting down the prices of electricity, but the fact is that it is manipulation of data. This will not provide any relief to the common man. The cost of electricity up to 200 units has been reduced by one rupee per unit, while Rs 1.45 per unit has reduced the cost of electricity for 201-400 units.

Apart from this, the price of up to 401-800 units has been reduced by 80 paise per unit. All domestic customers will get the benefit of reduction in the cost of the power unit. However, the increase in the fixed charge has shocked people. In this way, consumers who use electricity up to 201-400 units will get the most benefit. According to the new power tariff, now for the use of up to 200 units, the electricity will be charged at the rate of Rs 3 per unit instead of four rupees, while the use of electricity from 201 to 400 units will be charged at Rs 4.50 per unit instead of Rs 5.95. You have to pay the bill. Apart from this, payment of electricity bills ranging from 401 to 800 units will be Rs 6.50 per unit, instead of 7.30, payment of 801 to 1200 units will be 7 paise per unit instead of 8.10 and electricity bill of 1200 units is Rs 8.75 Instead, it will be at the rate of 7.75 per unit.

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission(DERC) has reduced electricity tariffs for consumers across all categories in the state by up to 32%. Among the states that revised power prices for 2018-19 in the last three months, Delhi is the first to cut electricity tariffs. With these revised tariffs plans, the top three Delhi distribution companies- BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd, BSES Yamuna Power Ltd and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd are expected to receive the total revenue of Rs 9161 crore, Rs 5013 crore and Rs 6803 crore respectively in the next financial year.

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